Online Escape Games Tips: 5 Ways to Prep for Your Next Mystery Game

escape game tips

Since the pandemic, online escape games have quickly become an extremely popular type of entertainment for teams, friends, and families. They offer a rush of adrenaline, while also challenging players to solve puzzles, unravel riddles, and find clues in order to solve the mystery. It’s a great way to bring people together and engage in a fun activity (from the safety of their own home). Whether you are an online escape game newbie, or you’re a seasoned maestro, here are 5 tips to help you solve the game!

Here we go!

1. Divide and Conquer

The most common mistake that teams make while playing an online escape game is to have all the players search for clues or hints in the same place. By doing so, you lose valuable time and increase your chances to skip a clue or hint.

Before you start the game is best if you and your team adapt a divide and conquer strategy. Separate your team players and take on different documents, pictures, or tasks. This way you have all the information spread in your team and each team player has a task at hand. Keep in mind the individual set of skills that each player has. For example, if you know that a team player is known for their social media „stalking skills”, redirect the task for searching on social media channels to him. The same goes for other skills that your team may possess: give the task for solving chemistry equations to someone who has taken a chemistry class. This technique helps you and your team to prevent confusion, repeated tasks, and wasted time.

2. Talk and Listen to Each Other

Communication is vital in any team. It’s crucial to talk and listen to your team members at each stage of the game. If a player finds something that might be a clue or hint, he needs to announce it to the team! The same goes if one player feels like he is close to a solution but needs some input, you need to ask your team for their thoughts. By not communicating or not listening to your team you most likely fail to solve the game.

3. Note Everything Down

A pen and a paper – are the two most important „gadgets” that you need in your mission to solve a mystery game. Most of the online escape games have a lot of documents and other types of content that you need to go through. It’s vital to write down information that you will need to solve puzzles or discover hints and clues. Our recommendation is to build a timeline of events and to write down every piece of information that seems relevant to solving the mystery.

4. Stay Organized

After finding everything you can in terms of information and clues you need to develop a system to stay organized. In an online escape game, you will have a large volume of information available, but not all of them are relevant to solving the game. There is always some misleading clue that will throw you on a different path.

For example, if you are playing our The End of Democracy game start by creating a list of all the characters with their motives for the murder then take each character and find their alibi. This way you can eliminate the people who had an alibi for the moment of the crime.

5. Don’t Get too Fixated on a Particular Detail

One issue that most of the teams have is to get lost in particular detail in the game. Our advice is to try to move past it and hunt for other leads that can help you solve this particular detail. A great solution is to give this detail to other team members – this way you have a pair of fresh eyes and maybe come up with the perfect solution.

Keep in mind that every time you feel like you are at a dead-end, there is often something else you could be doing or potentially an outside solution to the puzzle you have in your hands. A break from an element or detail you spend quite some time on can be a good idea. So take a few steps back to gain a fresh perspective and the „ah-ha” moment will come.


Starting a game with a plan and a system can make the experience more enjoyable, and the tasks more manageable. By taking a strategic approach to a mystery game you can practice your skills, such as remaining calm in a crisis, solving problems under pressure, and working together with a team. This type of skills can be later apply on your work or personal life.

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