The Ideal Team For An Online Escape Game

team for escape game

Whether you want something to do this weekend or are looking for a team building event with your co-workers, an online escape game can be the perfect activity. In the past years, online escape games have become increasingly popular among co-workers. Unlike other team building activities, an online escape game forces people to work together and communicate in order to reach a shared goal. The players need to work together and rely on the skills of everyone in the group to successfully solve the puzzles and find the solution of the game. 

Playing an online escape game with your work colleagues is more than just a fun pastime activity. Your team is also learning how to effectively work together and what each person contributes to the team. 

Let’s discover the 4 roles that are important in both a project team, as well as in an escape game one. 

The Leader 

Every group needs a team leader. The perfect candidate for this position is a person who has a good understanding of the team’s inner workings and dynamics. His main objective will be to facilitate the flow of information, oversee all activities taking place and direct each player to  work on particular tasks, especially when someone is unsure about what they should be doing.

Keep in mind that the best leaders are non-judgmental. They offer support to the team and no critics. But most importantly, a good leader always knows when and where to lend a hand.

The Searcher

The devil is in the details and escape games are always full of hidden clues. That being said, the best escape game team always has a “searcher” in the group. He is responsible for sniffing out clues and discovering hidden messages or hints that can help the team solve the game. A “searcher” will support all members of the team by providing specific and detailed information that can be used to find the solution for the game.

The Mastermind

In order to solve any escape game you will need a “mastermind” in your team. Usually, this person thinks outside of the box and enjoys solving puzzles or riddles in his free time. If you have a colleague who tends to over-analyze everything…you just found your “mastermind” team player for your game.

The mastermind needs to understand various approaches for solving a puzzle and work with the team to determine the best strategy.

The Organizer

You know the type. That colleague who has spreadsheets for all of his projects and loves to have a list for everything. If you have a person in your team who loves to bring order to chaos, you just found your organizer.

The main task that an “organizer” has in an escape game team is simple: categorize clues and put all the information together. 

Gather your team together and get ready for a new adventure!


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