Why Online Escape Games Are a Good Team Building Activity

Team building activities are important to foster cooperation, communication and increase collaboration between team members. 

A successful team starts with hiring the right people but this is not enough. A good manager knows that strong teams don’t just happen when you are hiring qualified people. A strong team is built over time – through activities designed to bring employees together.

Many successful businesses understand the value of team building activities. When a team participates in a team-building activity, they’re really preparing for important, real-world situations that demand unity. Also, team building activities provide an opportunity for everyone to have fun. 

If you are looking for a thrilling experience to share with your colleagues, consider playing an online escape game to help your team work together more effectively.

Here are 5 reasons why an online escape game is the best team building activity for your team.


One important skill that every team needs in order to be successful is communication. A team that does not communicate effectively cannot function at its highest level. A great way to practice this skill is by playing an escape game. These games are equipped with multiple puzzles, riddles and clues that will lead the way to solve the mystery. 

By having different clues and puzzles that are always connected, your team needs to collaborate and communicate in order to move forward to the next phase of the game. 

As a team building activity, escape games can help teach players how to create and use a good line of communication between team members as a way to solve a problem and find the perfect solution.

Build Trust

Without trust teams are unable to perform well. Having trust between team members is imperative for ensuring that your employees feel valued, supported, and encouraged to work together to meet their goals.

Escape games are the perfect way to help your employees build trust because it allows people to work together and solve the problem/mystery as a team. After solving different types of puzzles and problems together, a team is more prepared to face real life tasks toward a common goal.

Get to Know Each Other

 A person’s true character is often revealed in times of crisis. Even in a fun activity like an escape game, your team members can see a different side in one another that they wouldn’t normally see in the work environment.

When your team is engaging in a fun activity that requires cooperation from everyone in the team, interpersonal relationships are strengthened. 

Create Memories

Shared memories are made up of little moments together. The time spent in the office environment is not enough if you want your team to have a strong bond. By having different team building activities you will help employees create memories and bond over them. 

A team that shares many experiences together is a strong team. Escape games are a perfect bonding opportunity that can create lasting memories for your team. 

Gain Experience

Escape games can help teams learn how to solve puzzles together and also ask for help when it’s needed. Knowing how to effectively solve problems boosts overall productivity and can increase employee performance and encourage innovation. By gaining experience as a team, your employees will be more effective, more productive, and more successful — not to mention happier and more fun to work with.


Strong teams are important in businesses of all sizes. Team building activities like escape games are a great way to boost employee morale, productivity and open communication.

An escape game will likely be less important to people than their performance in the work environment. With the pressure off, your employees can think more clearly about how to quickly resolve problems and find ways to better communicate. 

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