Strategies for Winning in Online Escape Games

Online escape games are the latest craze, with more and more people getting curious and dipping their toes in to test the waters. But after seeing how fun, exciting and challenging this types of games can be, they are ready to dive into the deep and solve the mystery.

Virtual escape games are different from the classical escape rooms, but one thing is for certain — they’re just as fun. With exciting puzzles and riddles, online escape games are the perfect challenge for you and your team.

Before you book your next online escape game, check out our strategies that can help you beat any virtual escape room.

The Right Team

Maybe the most important strategy for winning an online escape game, or any game, is having the right team beside you. Keep in mind that the maximum numbers of players for most of the escape games available online will almost always be too generous. By having too many people in your team means that each player gets to experience fewer puzzles, riddles or those „aha” moments. Also, a large group also means additional overhead in getting some lost players up-to-speed with new information.

The ideal number of players for any online escape games is 4, but you can also have a team of 6 players and having a blast. The most important thing is to choose a group of people you will have fun with.

The right team for an online escape game has members who are dependent on each other, work towards interchangeable achievements, and share common goals. You don’t need only the „super smart ones” or the „ones that are good at solving puzzles”. The best team has players that can bring something different on the table. Some members can be good at math, while others will be great at a riddle or have attention to details. Everyone has strengths that can help in an escape game scenario.

The Rules of the Game

Maybe some rules are meant to be broken, but in this case we recommend that you pay attention to them. The story behind each game can often this will give you a sense of what you need to accomplish, and it might also offer clues that might be useful later.

Prepare the Tools

If you’ve never played an online escape game before, make sure you read the rules and instruction before you begin. Most of the online escape games require an internet connection and a communication platform (Skype, Teams or Google Meet). It it important that you have beside you a piece of paper and a pen – in order to write down important information or clues.

Divide and Conquer

Before you start the game, it’s important that each member of your team knows what his role is. You will save precious time if you assign a role for each player. One of you may be in charge of solving puzzles, another one of finding clues or gather information. Don’t keep those rules rigid but be sure that everyone in your team knows what they need to do.

Communication is Key

A good communication between team members is absolutely vital. This is why escape games are 100% team activities! Keep in mind that online escape games are won and lost based on how quickly team members can found related clues can match them together. If you’ve been staring at a puzzle for too long and can’t figure out the solution, ask another team member to take a look. A fresh set of eyes can help the team solve the puzzle and move forward in the game.

Most online escape games are designed so that everyone can be working on something or discovering new hints or clues. If you don’t communicate what you have found, you might not catch some missing pieces!

Have Fun

Ultimately, the only goal should be to have a great time with your friends. Keep a positive atmosphere in your group and try to find ways to lighter the mood, when thing get to heated.


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