Night of Mystery – the SECRET to great office parties

murder mystery office party

Corporate events can be often monotonous occasions. We’ve all been through them. Employees and managers forced awkwardly together in the office whilst attempting to make conversation and bond. But this type of event it’s not really anybody’s idea of having a great time.

Luckily, there is a thrilling alternative which has become increasingly popular amongst companies around the world. Murder mystery games are a great alternative when it comes down to interactive office events. Hosting a murder mystery game party is the top trending team building activity to try this year. This type of game is so versatile because it can be tailored to your office size and can work in any location.

Break the monotony of your corporate events with a murder mystery office party!

Planning and executing a successful corporate event is not a simple task. As any company manager knows, having an enthusiastic team who mesh well together is crucial for the success of the business.  Therefore, employers have always searched for team-building activities that will encourage communication and collaboration between team members.

A murder mystery party is a great way to bring the team together. As a fun social activity, a murder mystery game gives your team a break from the day-to-day routine and workplace mindset. By combining the theatrical with the analytical, a murder mystery office party has every ingredient for a memorable team experience.

Another advantage of a murder mystery office party is that it can be tailored to your specific needs in terms of team size and budget. Also, you have a wide range of plots, locations, and themes to choose from. Whether you fancy being a secret agent, or perhaps a mad scientist who creates a new virus, each murder mystery theme available out there combines the fun of dressing up with a little bit of acting, competition, and solving the mystery.

A well-planned murder mystery party has all the ingredients for a perfect corporate event. The teams will search for clues, asking each other questions about their characters and working out who the murderer is. This facilitates communication and collaboration, as well as a lot of fun. The result will be a memorable shared experience that will help build better relations between team members.

Spice up your next office party with our Free Murder Mystery Games kits. All you need to do is to choose the right theme for you and download the game kit. Simple as that. Our murder mystery games are lots of fun and you can play them at an office party or dinner event. 

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