The Top Five Murder Mystery Rules

Murder Mystery Rules
Let’s be honest; some rules are made to be broken. Others are there to help you navigate your way toward the finish line. When it comes to solving a murder mystery game, some rules are more important than others. Here are the top five rules you need to take into consideration when playing a murder mystery game.

Stay in character

One of the most important rules of a murder mystery game is that each player needs to act the part. A murder mystery game centers around one event, a murder that takes place. Each game has a different theme, and the settings of the story can be in different time periods or locations. All the players are assigned a character that they need to play. 
When the game starts, try to not talk about the latest celebrity gossip or the result of a football game. Stay in character and try to find subjects to discuss that are appropriate to your character’s interests.

Follow the script

Every murder mystery game has a script you need to follow. In the beginning, each player has confidential information that can only be shared at a certain time in the game.  Don’t jump any steps in the storyline because it can ruin your game experience. It’s critical that each player sticks to the script and reveal confidential information when the time is right.


Usually, it’s rude to eavesdrop. But in this case, the best way to find out secrets is to eavesdrop on other characters. Keep an eye on your fellow players’ behavior to catch any signs of innocence or guilt. Information is key in a murder mystery game and what better way to find juicy secrets than to eavesdrop? Just make sure that no one is eavesdropping on you. Practice your poker face and don’t give up any clues.

Don’t Take Offense

A murder mystery game is all about busting the mystery while enjoying the fun, thrill, and excitement of the activity. However, keep in mind that each player has a character to play and sometimes things can get fired up. Don’t take it personally, even if another player is rude to you. Instead, focus on what they are telling and ask yourself why is he/she acting in a certain way. Is it hiding something? Are they the killer?

Trust no one

In a murder mystery game, everyone is a suspect—including you! The best rule to follow is to: trust no one! Treat everyone as a suspect, particularly at the start of the game. As the game progresses, and more clues/hints are revealed you can start making alliances to discover the killer. Be careful who you trust!

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