Surprising Benefits of Playing Online Escape Games

benefits online escape game

Online Escape Games are very quickly becoming the most sought team activity for team-building events, family gatherings or a fun night with friends.

It all started with the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures set in place all over the world. With more people working remotely and limited group activities options available, online escape games have become an important tool in uniting teams to work better together.

What makes online escape games so popular? Well, we put together a list of some of the most surprising benefits that this type of game can offer. Keep reading to uncover some interesting facts.

Improves your mood

Spending time with friends and family can elevate your mood and boost your outlook. Virtual escape games are the perfect activities for spending much-needed quality time with your friends, family and work colleagues. They allow you to engage with each other in a whole different way. But don’t take our word for it!  Studies have shown that these type of activities improve mood and release valuable quantities of dopamine.

Solving a murder mystery or an escape game can add joy to your life, ease tension and anxiety, relieve stress, improve mood and strengthen resilience.

Increase your memory capacity

Any escape game is just a larger, full-sized puzzle. Just as puzzles, escape games can be a great way to boost your memory recall and retention, through interacting with different codes, symbols or riddles. This type of activities employ the brain’s hippocampus, amygdala, cerebellum, and prefrontal cortex for memory development. By playing escape games you can massively increase our memory capacity and longevity. Sounds great, right?

Relieves stress

The stress of work and home life can be a lot to manage these days. It can have serious side effects and interferes with our mental health. Luckily, activities like escape games or solving a murder mystery can help you manage tension while also reduce your stress level.

Solving puzzles, riddles and different challenges, it isn’t just fun, it’s actually good for you! Escape games are the perfect antidotes to a stressful modern world!

Improves problem-solving skills

If you want to be better at anything in life, you need to work on improving that. There’s always some scope of improvement. If you want to be better at cooking – go to a cooking class or view some YouTube tutorials. If you want to improve your problem-solving skills –  solve some exciting puzzles.  Escape games will flex your brain muscles in more than one way. The puzzle, riddles and strategies involved into solving any escape game will help you improve your skills – in a fun way!

If you want to improve your problem solving skills but don’t know where to start: escape games can be the perfect activity to boost your skills.

Brings people together

Humans require social interaction. Research has shown that by interacting with others, we actually train our brains. Finding a pastime to have fun with your friends or co-workers is important not only socializing but also for your mental health.

Virtual escape games can bring people together no matter where they are physically. Log in, share your screen and take on the challenges, find codes, clues and complete puzzles alongside your team.

Final Thoughts

The health benefits of escape games are unquestionable. They are also fun, entertaining, and an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends. Also, this type of activity is is an excellent opportunity to learn new things and improve your skills.

So, get your friends together to join a new challenge everyday! Plot twists, shocking reveals and the joy of victory is waiting for you!

Check out our online escape games and get ready for a new adventure!

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