Trends in Escape Games Industry

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Virtual Escape Games have taken the world by storm. They offer the kind of experience that people want to relive and share with friends or family. That is the perfect recipe for exponential growth, which is just what the online escape games industry is undergoing at this moment.

It’s impossible to deny that the Covid-19 pandemic caused an increase in the number of virtual escape games available online. With the strict social distancing measures set in place all over the world, people started to leverage online gaming to come together while being asked to be apart.

Now in 2022, as we finally are moving on from the strict distancing measures, you may think that virtual escape games are a thing of the past. Wrong! Virtual escape games are here to stay and only gaining momentum.

Here are the top 3 virtual escape game trends happening in the industry.

Online Escape Games for Corporate Events

As workers around the world prefer to work in a remote or hybrid model, businesses across many industries have started to take an interest in using online escape games as part of their corporate events. Furthermore, this type of game is being used by companies as means of helping employees learn to work and operate as one cohesive unit.

Online Escape Games for Educational Purposes

Escape games have been finding their way into education worldwide, from primary education to professional development. Game-based learning can motivate learners and help them to acquire new knowledge in an active way. Furthermore, studies have shown that „The educational benefits of escape games are many, ranging from fostering cognitive and affective learning outcomes to developing teamwork, problem-solving, communication and creativity skills as well as promoting career interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.” – Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning.

Virtual escape games can be a powerful tool used by teachers to create a fun and exciting way for students to explore a topic in a more engaging way than traditional methods.

Online Escape Games with VR technology

Thanks to new advancements in technology, VR (Virtual Reality) and online escape games are the perfect fit. By using VR in an online escape game, the players will enjoy an even more immersive experience than before.

With the help of virtual reality, escape games are not limited to confined spaces or physical props. Now, the sky is the limit. By embracing this technology we can create virtual escape games where players can fly, climb, walk through fire or defy the laws of physics.

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