What’s your Escape Game Personality?

escape game personality
People come in all shapes and sizes, with a multitude of interests and passions. Fortunately, the popularity of escape games has given people another avenue to express themselves. You’ve probably joined a team of friends for an online escape game session at least once. If you have, you must have noticed the diverse roles people played in order to succeed in that room.
Some people were quick to spot clues while others were extremely logical and analytical; some were good with their hands while others had an excellent memory and observation skills. How did they develop such different personalities? And what exactly are these so-called personality types? Here’s a breakdown of some of the common ones.
Which one sounds most like you?
escape game scout

The Scout

Clear-sighted and vigilant, The Scout is often the first to spot the tiniest clue. They’re skilled at searching and finding out-of-place objects and identifying important information. In other words, they possess excellent detective skills that come in handy in an escape game. 
The Scout is highly-observant and really great at detecting details that are essential for solving the game. Usually, this type of team member is the first one to start searching for information and has the ability to find even the smallest hints and clues.
This type of player is essential to any team that wants to get the ball rolling from the early stage of the game.
The Scout in real life: 
  • Doesn’t mind getting dirty in order to find hidden things
  • Great with maps and directions
  • Good memory
  • The first to know the new office romance (it’s all in the details)
escape game mastermind

The Mastermind

Quiet and calm, The Mastermind is as cool as a cucumber when it comes down to solving puzzles. Endowed with an analytical mind, this team member is basically a silent assassin of riddles and puzzles. 
The Mastermind is always observing everything going on. Usually equipped with a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from math to science or history, this team player will be thinking of strategies and solutions before you even have the chance to gather all the information. Annoyingly, he usually comes up with the right answer before any other team member has the opportunity to speak up.
The Mastermind in real life:
  • Loves to be always right
  • The master of Sudoku
  • Starts conversations with: did you know that
  • Always thinking about a strategy or plan

The Communicator

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s that person in the team who keeps the clue-cracking conversation going. Loud and all over the place, The Communicator will make sure that everyone is on the same page by relaying information back and forth between team members

A true godsend. The Communicator will keep a team in line in an effective and friendly manner. His main job is to ensure that each player understands what is currently going on and that no one is stuck trying to decipher a riddle/clue that has already been used.

The Communicator in real life:
  • Loud and jolly
  • Good at telling stories
  • The admin of most chat groups
  • The first one to reply to your group e-mail

The Supervisor

Aka The Boss. We all know the type: strong personality with a small tendency for micro-management. He is the one who likes to start issuing commands and be on top of everything that is going on.

The Supervisor is the master of juggling clues, tasks, and unsolved puzzles while keeping the team members moving from one task to another. With a great talent for strategy and organization, The Supervisor is an essential player in any team.

The Supervisor in real life:
  •  Always can see the big picture
  • Loves to coordinate
  • Good at planning vacations
  • The cheerleader of the group

Final Thoughts

Different people enjoy different things when it comes to playing escape games. Some people like to explore while others prefer a more linear experience with puzzles. We’re not all the same, and that is a good thing. Keep in mind that a winning escape game team needs to have members with different types of personalities. A team with just communicators or supervisors will not succeed. 
Escape games can be stressful but they bring individual skills and strengths to the surface, which makes it a great group activity.
Are you ready for a new adventure? Gather your team and enjoy our online escape games. 

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