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About Us

The Shadow Squad

Welcome to The Shadow Squad, an independent international intelligence agency operating under the radar with the highest level of discretion.

My name is Agent Rogue, a man who, according to official government statements, should no longer exist. But I’m just one of the many agents that were left behind by their government. Luckily, we were recruited by Captain, a powerful and wealthy man who wanted to channel his money and influence for the greater good. The Shadow Squad agency was born, and we began our adventure.

We are a small group of former officers and spies with decades of experience in the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies. We believe in the greater good, but have lost faith in our governments and politicians.

Now, we work from the shadow without the politics and bureaucracy that undermine the intelligence of government-run spy organizations. Our only mission is to solve the most important and high-profile cases in the world.

Together we can preserve peace and protect life!

Join us in our quest to solve the most important mysteries and high-profile cases on this planet. Consult our platform for all relevant information on each mission and case. We are happy to assist you with all the information you will need to solve the mysteries.

Teamwork is paramount here.

Gather your team and get ready to chase the truth!

Best of luck,

Agent R.