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Russia July 2022


A highly regarded Russian scientist has died in Moscow under strange circumstances. Dr. Alexei Petrov was a world-renowned scientist – his works have influenced the development of important vaccines against very severe infections that have major mortality rates.

Dr. Alexei Petrov was the head of the research department at an important research institute- who worked in the greatest secrecy for the government. He has been conducting experiments with the mutation of viral strands and has now created a terrifying new virus. He named it the Nemesis virus.
Upon realizing the horror of his creation, he started to work for an antidote. The cure was nearly completed when the news of his death has taken the scientist’s world by storm.

Now, things aren’t looking well. If the rumors are true and Dr. Petrov was killed before creating the antidote, every person on this planet is in danger. 

When everyone is a suspect, and a killer is on the loose, is anybody safe?

Your mission is to discover who the killer is, enter the laboratory, and find the cure.
In order to confirm that you are an authorized detective, please enter the access code provided to you.

Pandemic Escape Game


Dear Detectives,

Welcome to PANDEMIC, the online escape game.

Keep in mind that you will need to rely on a few tools to crack this case. Start your online search via computer or laptop, rather than a mobile phone. This way you will be able to better check the supporting documents related to this case. Use your smartphone or other mobile device as a support in your research.

Ensure you have assembled your working instruments:

  • access to internet
  • pen and paper

This game is recommended for 2 – 6 players. Keep in mind that each player can sign up using the same code. The players can be in different locations. For internal communication between team players we recommend that you use Skype/Zoom/ Telephone or other equivalent communication tools.

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