The End of Democracy

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Berlin October 2021

The nation prepares for the celebration of Germany Unity Day. This year, the government has prepared numerous events to commemorate the day. Concerts, parades, and a large public picnic are just some of the events that will take place in Berlin and in other cities across the nation.

However, on the Eve of this important event the nation finds out that the former German Chancellor has been shot dead. Furthermore, the police suspects that there is a real bomb threat in the city.

We need YOUR help to solve this case and get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding the death of Klaus Richter as well as discovering the bomb location.

Your mission is to discover the killer, locate the bomb and disarm it.

In order to confirm that you are an authorized detective, please enter the access code provided to you.


Dear Detectives,

Welcome to The End of Democracy, the online escape game.

Keep in mind that you will need to rely on a few tools to crack this case. Start your online search via computer or laptop, rather than a mobile phone. This way you will be able to better check the supporting documents related to this case. Use your smartphone or other mobile device as a support in your research.

Ensure you have assembled your working instruments:
– an active Facebook account
– access to Instagram and Twitter
– pen and paper

This game is recommended for 2 – 6 players. Keep in mind that each player can sign up using the same code. The players can be in different locations. For internal communication between team players we recommend that you use Skype/Zoom/ Telephone or other equivalent communication tools.

Enter the access code you received via email to get access to this case.

Good luck!


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